Author Topic: Redoing my rear brakes, amateur question but which parts should be OEM?  (Read 5063 times)

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So I got one of my rear drums gouged pretty darn bad, been having braking issues for a year now (pulling while braking, brakes not letting off, not enough stopping power, etc) so this is LONG past due but I am completely overhauling my rear brakes, which means I've gotta do some shopping. On the shopping list:
- 1 rear brake drum
- 2 sets of shoes
- 2 wheel cylinders
- 1 master cylinder
- new brake lines all around

Now I have been scouting around for prices, and as you probably already know I am heavily tempted to go the reproduction/brazilian route as opposed to OEM Germany route as I will save easily over 50%

Are brands like Varga and Empi to be trusted? Are there some things like shoes which would be fine to get as a reproduction and some things like a master cylinder where it is an absolute must to shell out the dough for an OEM?

I am trying to be budget minded but safety is even more important. All help and input is greatly appreciated, thank you!!
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