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Welcome to the Texas VW Classic located in the historic town of Fredericksburg, Texas. Surrounded by the scenic and sometimes wildflower covered hill country of central Texas, Fredericksburg is the perfect venue for a classic Volkswagen show. VW’s of all types, colors and makes show up to fill the streets around town and nearly every parking lot in town has a classic VW. The old German settlement not only offers a beautiful area to cruise the tourist lined streets in your classic vehicle but is also home to some of the best craft & antique shopping, music venues, and German restaurants west of Frankfurt.

The Texas VW Classic, held annually the third weekend in April, has grown into a three day event with some participants arriving to set up camp on Thursday afternoon. In addition to on-site VW and tent camping for participants, Fredericksburg offers a unique array of quaint accommodations including Bed & Breakfast options, local and chain hotels. Rreservations should be made early due to the popularity of the area this time of year.

Friday offers the show participants time to settle in to their camp sites, check out the park as well as some of the great show cars around and pick up a few early bargains from the swap area. In addition there are several smaller cruises to some of the local attractions or restaurants. That night when many arrive to the show it is like homecoming; meeting and greeting old friends, exchanging stories of adventures (a.k.a. breakdowns) on the trip out and talking around the campfires.
Saturday morning dawns over a sleepy camp area where the smell of breakfast and camp coffee fills the air. People start polishing their vehicles and preparing for the days activities. Since the Texas VW Classic usually coincides with Earth Day, we always try to donate and plant a tree in the park. This usually takes place near the Pioneer Pavilion just before the Bluebonnet Cruise at 2 pm. Past cruises have taken a line of over 150 VW’s thru downtown Fredericksburg to local destinations like Lukenbach, the Willow City loop, LBJ National Park, Becker’s Vineyard, etc. Upon arrival at our destination all the drivers have been entered in a raffle drawing for picnic baskets filled with an assortment of items like wine, wine glasses, picnic dishes, cookies and VW toys. After enjoying refreshments and activities at the chosen destination everyone returns to the Pioneer Pavilion by 6 pm for a full blown Texas B-B-Q dinner with all the trimmings brought in from Cousin’s renowned B-B-Q restaurant in Ft Worth. Afterwards the campfires, VW stories, music and visiting go on into the night.

Sunday morning the activity begins around 6 am as participants scurry for prime display location and put final touches on brightly polished vehicles in anticipation of the judge’s rounds. Judging starts at 11 am and wraps up with award presentations at about 2 pm for the ‘Best Of’ awards and about twenty-five class awards recognizing 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place in each. In addition all the participants are eligible to win a People’s Choice award based on different themes such as old songs or movie titles. VW enthusiasts can easily spend the entire day checking out the beautiful rides to see what accessories someone has that they don’t or what part should actually go on their car. That special part you’ve been searching for just may come as a bargain among all the new and used parts vendors in the abundant swap meet area. Then the weekend is topped off by the awarding of trophies with the top prize of ‘Best of Show’ going to the finest VW in attendance. Although winning a trophy is sweet topping on the cake, there is one truism that is always revealed: “VW drivers don’t need a trophy, they drive a trophy”.

The Texas VW Classic has become the largest Classic VW show in the southwest. This is due in part to the fun, family atmosphere and in most part to the contributions by The Texas Club Collation, and the many other volunteers that pour their sweat & love of the hobby into making this event happen. Come and join us for a great weekend this April in Fredericksburg’s Lady Johnson Municipal Park. For more information on the show and Fredericksburg visit us at or

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