Author Topic: LoveMyBus Stickers! & Shirts!!  (Read 30610 times)

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LoveMyBus Stickers! & Shirts!!
« on: April 19, 2006, 11:50:31 AM »
Hello all!
The LoveMyBus Stickers are now availble for order,   :s13: you can find the order page at the top of the page (Stickers) also here's a link Click Here Hope you all enjoy them.

The LoveMyBus Shirts
International shipping I set at $7 /per shirt- For now, untill I come up with a shirt and mail it I will hopefully be able to reduce this number.

These prices more then likely will change. But If you order now, these prices will be honored weather we go up or down with the prices at a later date.

Payment Online go here- Click Here

Payment via check or money order- Please print out, fill out, and mail this along with your checks: (Let me know if you anyone is having trouble viewing this or printing it out. Thanks)

Also we have Shirts and Stuff available here!
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