Author Topic: Looking for VW pro that can fix broken shifter  (Read 12855 times)

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Looking for VW pro that can fix broken shifter
« on: April 11, 2013, 05:30:20 AM »
Hi All -- I just bought a bus from a well regarded VW guy in KY. The day after I bought it, we went to drive it home and it wouldn't go into gear. The seller came out to check it out and sent the following note:

"Ok, pulled the front pan to check shifter, looked ok. Checked shift coupler looked ok. Started it up, wouldn't go into gear, even when not running. Pulled the shifter out of the floor, thinking the pin on the front of the ball was frozen up or came out, all ok. Lubed shifter up good and put it back together. Wrestled it around and got it in 1st, but was in the position where 4th is. Got Zoe Brewer to move the shifter while I was under the bus watching the shift rod at transmission, rod was moving in the transmission. My conclusion is one or more shift forks broken in nose cone."

He says he doesn't know anyone within 300 miles of KY to fix this.

This is supposed to be a surprise birthday gift for my husband, party in about 10 weeks in Maine. I am willing to ship the bus to a pro who can fix this, but I really want to understand the nature of the problem better. What does this mean? What does it take to fix it?

I hope I did not just waste thousands on a dud. Thanks for your help!
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Re: Looking for VW pro that can fix broken shifter
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2013, 06:47:16 AM »
lf , as guy says , shift forks are bust then its big bucks time (at least here in Britain it is ) engine out ,g/box 2 be opened,repaired . you need to have to get someone you trust to look at this for you ,preferably a person who A>knows vehicle engines/gearboxes B>is not going to make money from this, so will give you an honest to god opinion.If shaft is moving it could be the forks , (not a regular fault)but it could be other things too.I cant  but notice that there is not much "chat traffic" on this site so if u want top class free advice today ,or any time for that matter ,log onto a site called "the late bay" , its free and there are thousands of bus owners on there daily, helping each other out ,to include in there membership ,engineers ,mechanics ,dudes who own bus garages ,and they are SOOOO very friendly, give em a try ,trust me ,they will tell you for sure what the prob is. Best wishes,good luck.
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